At Luxellence, luxury is our raison d’etre (‘the reason we exist’). One of our commitments is to become Asia’s leading luxury knowledge center, practically as well as academically. Through innovative minds, a foremost MBA Luxury Brand Management course has been developed as a solution for many students or business leaders who wished to obtain greater knowledge and insight into the distinctive and rather mysterious world of deluxe and precious consumer products and services.

We shall offer enhanced instruction methods and guidance through field projects, visits to unique boutiques, exclusive seminars with renowned brand houses and confidential advice from top-of-the-edge business leaders, to provide this rare, prestigious and resourceful knowledge. 

Business consulting and corporate training is another pathway companies can take advantage of our courses, which can be tailored-made to suit their individual needs.

At Luxellence , one can find a new and spectacular approach to “brand-up” your business. Our goal is to ultimately stand among the Top 5 Luxury Knowledge Center in the world.

We give specific attention to each participating person and business, and we can assure you of the successful acquisition of the essential knowledge and deep understanding necessary for accreditation status.